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I want to be a follow-througher!

Posted on : 10-07-2010 | By : Adam Piotrowski | In : Change



We’ve all done it.

We’ve all seen a movie, heard a song, seen an ad, watched a show, read an article, read a book, tried a product…. we’ve all seen or used something that someone else has created and thought to ourselves:

“I could do better than that.”

And in a lot of cases you could very well be right, in theory at least.

Not every idea that has been brought to fruition has been a great idea and I don’t think anyone can argue that (Flowbee anyone?).  By the same token, not every great idea is brought to fruition.  In fact, the vast majority of great ideas conjured up by human minds all over the globe barely ever even make it out of the person’s head and onto their lips for discussion.

Why is that?  What is it that allows some people to make their ideas and dreams (even the crappy ones) become reality while so many others will never get past the “I could do better than that” stage no matter how ground-breaking their ideas may be?

Well that is why I am here writing this.
That’s why I created this blog.

I’ll be honest and say I get frustrated when I see things out there and can’t fathom how someone ever thought THAT was a good idea, let alone how they managed to get enough buy-in fro other people to get it out there.

I have  ideas.  Lots of great ideas.
I have dreams.  Big dreams.

But then again, I’m like most people in this scenario. Most of those ideas and dreams stay in my head.  Some make it into Word files sitting somewhere on my Mac, and a few even make it out of the secluded digital world of my laptop and into the real world.

But the fact is that I, like most of you probably reading this, tend to have a lot of grand ideas/thoughts/dreams/goals that aren’t always accompanied with the necessary follow-through.

They say the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that the problem exists.
So then consider this my confession.

What will follow will be stories, thoughts, examples and ramblings – some from myself and some from others – that will hopefully help me (and you if you keep coming back) become a follow-througher.

This is the beginning of my road to recovery.
I want to be a follow-througher.

How about you?

Comments (4)

Great Blog about the Follow-Throughers! I think following through is related to the degree that one feels self-doubt. If one can convince thier toughest critic, themselves, that they can accomplish something…then the voice of self-doubt does not play a conscience role in the creation. The challenge then becomes a creative act driven by the visionary, rather then the observer..which is inherantly critical. Clarity of thought and vision is the biproduct of confidence…a place void of self-doubt. The best example of a guy without self-doubt is Dan Osman. A climbing prodigy, who had to follow through or Die. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e0yXMa708Y&feature=related When I feel self-doubt, I often watch this video to remind me of what it means to take risks. A life without risk…is a life not worth living.

Thanks for the comment and the link.
That is some insane climbing! Definitely pushing the edge.
I know you’ve taken some risks recently, leaving the comforts of a steady job to start your own company.
I think everyone goes through that thought during their careers, but few take the chance to make it happen.
Maybe you can share your experience and some of your thoughts with the rest of us one of these days in a guest post?
I know I’d love to hear about it and I’m sure more would too.


Think you will find you did not coin the phrase “follow through factor’

It is indeed the title of a book written by Gene Hayden first published in 2008, again globally by Mcleland and Stewart in 2009 with the softcover version hitting the streets Dec 28.


And yes…it is copywritten

Hi Bill.
Thanks for stopping by and joining the discussion.
I definitely haven’t claimed to have coined the phrase “follow through factor” so hope that wasn’t implied anywhere.
Thanks for the book recommendation. It looks interesting so will add it to my need to read list.